Rugs a Labour of Love

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The magic and mystery of the Orient, its ancient history and forms of art, its culture, its further development in the modern world are all embodied in one simple and beautiful household item – the humble rug

The earliest surviving piece the Pazyryk carpet was discovered 1947 preserved in ice at a Siberian burial site. It was woven over 2500 years ago and is seen today at the Hermitage Museum Leningrad. THE RUGS WIZARD has a limited number of high quality reproductions now available. See our Tribal Afghan Collection for further details.

Oriental rug designs reflect the culture and geographical location of the weaver. The style and motifs forming a symbolic language are committed to memory and handed down to following generations. Part of the charm of original rugs are minor imperfections, often the trademark of the individual weaver. Other designs and colours are adapted to suit western decorative tastes, offering an ever-widening array to choose from.

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