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Caffe Latte

Quality Short Runners 80×150 cm

High quality short length hallway runners often called ‘half length runners’ are the same width as a standard hallway runner but being half the normal length will fill a niche and are often used in an entrance or alcove off the main passageway to complement but not necessarily match a longer existing runner.

Limited only by your imagination the useful size of 80X150 cm is not too big or too small for many areas around the home including beside a bed or sliding door, a fireplace or stair landing, a kitchen sink or private nook. Other more adventurous uses could be found as an exercise or yoga mat being easily rolled up for storage or carried around from one location to the next!

  • Origin: Belgium/Turkey/European Union
  • Construction: Machine-Woven
  • Materials: Mostly Advanced Fibres
  • Prices from: $182 incl gst