Blue Iris
Hunting Scene
Ivory Panel
Emerald Palace
Pure Silk pile Machine-loom 150 X 240 Blue Iris $4900
Blue Iris 150 X 240 Silk
Pure Silk pile Hand-knot 92 X 151 Emerald Palace $1900
Emerald Palace 92 X 151 Silk
Pure Silk pile Hand-knot 127 X 188 Ivory Panel $3600
Ivory Panel 127 X 188 Silk
Pure Silk pile Hand-knot 123 X 187 Hunting Navy $3600
Hunting Scene 123 X 187 Silk

Silk Rugs, Beautiful and Practical

You may think silk is fragile and only to be looked at but your assumption would not be true because silk threads do not break easily unless cut with scissors or a sharp knife. Your silk rug is hand knotted and made to be walked on and lived with for life . . . if not a very long time.

Regular vacuuming is good maintenance especially on a weekly basis and accidental spills cleaned using mild soap and water, gently in the direction of the pile followed by absorbent paper or cloth to blot dry. Good quality rugs are built to withstand the test of time and will at some stage appreciate professional attention by a reputable cleaning company to remove heavy soiling especially if you enjoy having a rug in the main entry of your home to welcome guests and of course show-off your very own silk masterpiece.

Enjoy your beautiful silk investment, each one a unique piece involving many months of hand knotting by skilled craftsman.

We have included our own contemporary design the original Blue-Iris which is a one-of-a-kind creation and impossible to produce by hand. It’s highly intricate colour transitions could only be machine-loomed and is an art form of the highest quality and excellence!

  • Origin: Shanghai
  • Construction: Hand Knotted
  • Material: Pure Silk pile
  • Prices from: $1900 incl gst