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Hallway Runners 70×230 / 80×400

Runners have a narrow but longer length, however genuine hallway runners are defined as having a proper starting and ending design just like a normal rug of regular dimension. Lengths taken from a continuous roll lack this feature and are generally seen as off-cuts or a poor rug substitute.

Our collection of hallway runners have a minimum length of 2.3 metres and a maximum of 4 metres. Longer lengths are prone to snake down the passage making them unsightly and hard to live with. Multiple runners spaced evenly with a gap between each is very effective in visually reducing the length of a hallway and a clever trick used by many interior designers.

See also our genuine Short Runners 80×150 cm and our Designer Colour Drape Lengths 69x137cm.

  • Origin: India, China & Turkey.
  • Construction: Machine woven & Handmade
  • Materials: Wool/Viscose/Acrylic/Hemp
  • Prices from: $185 incl gst