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The Circle and Moon . . . a clever alternative

Arguably unique to China is the making of wool rugs in an assortment of Round, Oval and Hexagon shapes.
Indian weavers soon learned to adapt this new found innovation adding one of their own the Moon or half-Circle to suit western tastes in a vast array of styles and colours.
Circle or Round shapes suit a room with defining angles where the more common rectangular shape would look out of place or where a square which seldom works aesthetically would introduce more angles to further complicate the area. A clever solution to a more difficult space, the Circle or Moon with it’s natural curve offers a defining contrast and will soften the harsh edges of any room.
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  • Origin: India/Turkey/Belgium/China
  • Constructions: Mostly Handmade
  • Materials: Pure Wool or Synthetic Fibres
  • Prices from: $199 incl gst