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Sari-Silk Topaz
Sari-Silk Aquamarine

Alternative Patchwork

An ancient style rediscovered and further developed in the western world, the delightful Patch in both modern and traditional forms or in recent times a blend of both.

We have acquired recycled viscose textiles in the form of Indian Sari-Silks which have been handknotted into very heavy flatweave rugs and display ultra dynamic colours.

Our own fashion label has introduced a blend of old and new syles recreating an array of pure wool original-patch rugs in trendy over-dyed colours with a delightfully featured blanket long-stitch.

From Belgium we have sourced an alternative Tapestry Patch. These silky Jacquard embroideries are reminiscent of French royalty and are a worthy addition to any formal home setting.

See our Vintage Patch rugs or more at our Fyshwick showroom.

  • Origin: India & Belgium
  • Constructions: Mostly Handmade
  • Materials: Wool & or Viscose fibres
  • Prices from: $540 incl gst