• SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT – We have quit business forever CLOSED DOWN and are no longer trading!
    We have reached the end of our business lease and management has decided to CLOSE DOWN!. The building has changed hands and we have vacated our FYSHWICK showroom. Rugs have sold, however some surplus goods and over supplies were found after closing the warehouse. These are NOW AVAILABLE being liquidated solely by Bob’s Baseline Bargains using the GUMTREE platform and have genuine LIQUIDATION prices MANY at COST or BELOW, therefore cannot be matched in stores. The Rugswizard website is being maintained and continually updated to only display rugs being liquidated through Bob’s Baseline Bargains. Purchases must be made direct with Bob on Gumtree and will be offered at ridiculously LOW prices!  Be quick because once these are SOLD they’re gone forever and so are the giveaway prices just like the Fyshwick showroom! The management and staff at the Rugswizard would like to say a big thank you to all our faithfully customers for your long lasting patronage over forty-five years of joyful trade.
  • CLICK HERE to go direct to Bob’s Baseline Bargains on Gumtree
  • Event Status
    WE HAVE CLOSED DOWN FOREVER!  Stocks shown are now available on Gumtree by ‘Bob’s Baseline Bargains’.

    Genuine Rug LIQUIDATION!


    We have moved out of business!
Most stocks have SOLD!