Which rug is best?
Quality is a measure of density & construction process. More compact piles offer better durability & overall performance. Fibre type is of lesser concern, however WOOL KNOTTING is a lengthy process and considered a luxury tradition.

Can I mix alternative rug styles in my home?
Most definitely! Gone are the 1970’s when everything had to match. Rugs look best when contrasted as unique individual pieces, just like a framed picture on a wall.

How long will a new rug last?
Generally up to 10 years, however with care and maintenance a life time of service can be expected.

How do I look after my brand new rug?
A light weekly vacuum with a turbo head is all that is required. Spot clean with baby wipes or surface clean with hand soap & water followed with a blow dryer will remove 99% of stains. If things get ugly seek professional help.

Should I beware of cheap handmade rugs?
Modern factories produce machine made rugs at many price points depending on density of quality. Our handmade rug producers are cottage industry and members of international trade groups such as ‘Care & Fair’ Carpet Trade Against Child Labour and oversee weaver safe working practice, policy and conditions.

Is there any warranty in place?
Our rugs from time of purchase carry 12 months replacement guarantee against faulty workmanship.

How long will it take to fill an order?
Immediately on floor stock purchases or 10 days for special orders or 10 weeks for custom made.

Can you deliver my purchase to the home?
YES! We deliver FREE to our local customers for orders over $500 however most rugs can be taken immediately and will simply fit in your vehicle at no extra cost. Freight carriers usually charge around $100 for delivery outside of Canberra.

Can I return my rug purchase if it is not suitable?
YES! For peace of mind we have a 48 Hour exchange policy.

How do I stop a rug from moving?
Simple! Just use Wiz-Fix non-slip rug underlay. It provides many benefits including keeping rugs flat, stopping movement, additional comfort and extra insulation to prolong the life of your rug.